Thursday, January 21, 2021

 Higher Are Your Ways

The disciples had much to learn when this man called Jesus asked them to leave their families, jobs, and everyday lives to follow Him. Their world was turned upside down as they learned to follow in the strange and wonderful footsteps of someone whey would soon call friend,, teacher. and Savior. Jesus  knew the time was short as He daily taught them through His words, deeds, parables, examples, and hands-on experiences. We are not so unlike the disciples. We too must heed the call and learn how to put Jesus first in our lives. We cannot follow Him in person, but we have the precious gift of His Word to teach us and the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us. The journey is long and not without its trials and challenges, but just as the disciples learned from following Christ, we too will embrace the wonerful discovery that God's ways are higher than ours.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Christ Alone - Pressing Forward into Divine Fullness

Salvation is enough. To have our sins forgiven and security of spending eternity with our heavenly Father is enough. But for the believer hungry and willing to press forward toward a deeper relationship with Christ, there is so much more. Be encouraged on your journey by these pages of personal illustrations, true stories,  and examples from the richness of Scriptures. Partnering with a loving God and cooperating with the power of the Holy Spirit, will ultimately lead to the knowledge and understanding that the glory of divine fullness if found in Christ alone.
Pathway of Light - Daily devotionals to refresh and restore the soul.

Pathway of Light  is a devotion. written from my journals that represent my personal spiritual journey of the last forty years. The book contains prayers, Scriptures, and teachings on learning to walk with Jesus as we sit at His feet You will discover how intricately and carefully God trains us to be involved in His heavenly Kingdom as He works through each of us to touch others with His love. Only as we learn His ways, walk in His light, and embrace His principles, will we be changed from glory to glory. This book teaches us how to honor the Lord and become a praise of His glory.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Wanda you are one of the most Godly and understanding woman I know. You have a wealth of wisdom that flows from your very being. You are like a mother of Israel.(only in Eugene)You have fed your flock and your children with the finest of wheat. Caring and praying with such great concern for those women who are afflicted with cancer or other diseases. Teaching us to care with concern for the body of Christ
Your Bible Studies 10:00 Wednesday at Faith Center are the most practical anointed encouraging teachings I continue to learn many things every week Which I put into my life. It says let the older women teach the younger women. Your books are a wealth of wisdom
that will teach younger and older women for years
and years to come I'm glad they are available at your study. Well they say we've been friends for a year and write something but it's been more than 30 years I am sure. I like face book telling us to tell about our friends because what's in our hearts can be put down on paper I love you Wanda Fisher and you are truly a virtuous women. The Queen of Sheba went to the ends of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon I want to encourage any of my Facebook friends to make an effort to hear these studies. They really should be taped. Pam
Pam and Wanda are celebrating 1 year of friendship on Facebook!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

24th annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Award-2016

Judge’s Commentary*:

The best past of Wanda Fisher's book Jesus and Me is it's well structured and well organized. She has a title, devotional and Scripture on each page. The author uses specific and concrete words to support what she has written. Every word should tell and no unnecessary words or paragraphs should be written.  Her passion for writing this book is noteworthy. Her style and tone of writing comes out as she writes: "We need to learn positive ways to walk and talk as we resist the old pathways and patterns that snare us. We should not discourage one another with vain babblings or emotional flair-ups that come from an uncircumcised heart. God alone can help us conquer our attitudes."   Mrs. Fisher has thoroughly researched the Scriptures. She enlightens the readers on biblical knowledge giving them opportunity to express his or her feelings of self discovery as they read the devotions in this book. She can improve this book with recommendations, and/or endorsements as they all play a part in the author’s credibility and give the book the high profile it needs.  Mrs. Fisher stresses the importance of finding quality time with the Lord. How we should open our hearts and minds with a willingness to listen and receive.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Dear Wanda,

Your books are written simply like meat and potatoes. Yet they give satisfaction to the spirit and the soul of a person, as the Lord's message to us about salvation is simple a child can understand. Yet it has the power to save us from Hell and live with the Lord forever.

Yesterday in your book "Jesus and Me" the words you used gave me the strength to face a very hard day and I did it in victory. Thank you for listening and walking with Jesus for all the years and thank you for the full meals you feed us in your books. You take us from first grade to higher levels and teach us to stand in Christ alone. That is where we find that dreams do come true and we will live forever with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Well done!

Edie Vink

Sunday, July 17, 2016

 EXCELLENT book. A must read every single morning!!!

Barbara Jean Coster Crowe
 Love this book! 

Joyce Gibbons

Julie Davis Wonderful daily devotional from the heart of a Great Author (our Lord) and He let Wanda put it together
I gave this to a friend and she wants you to know Wanda that it is awesome and she reads it every day. God has spoken to her many times through this book already. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Ida Berg

Saturday, May 21, 2016


I wanted to share how grateful I am for your latest book, "Jesus and Me." Every morning begins with the daily reflection. This daily guideline is to the point, easy to grasp and sealed with a Scripture. Thank you for your guidance.

Penny Kimball